The Struggle In Only Daughter By Cisneros

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The Struggle In Cisneros’ story, “Only Daughter”, she describes her “struggle” for acceptance from her father as his machismo kicks in when the narrator announces to her father that she wants to go to college and get an education. He did not express it directly but the idea that he had in mind that, college was good for girls but only to find a husband, pointed out that the narrator had a lack of encouragement from her father; However, this was not a reason for the writer to get discouraged. She still felt the need to succeed so she could stand out amongst her brothers, with the idea that this way she would gain her father’s acceptance. Another thing that the narrator struggled with was that she felt like she was being “erased” every time…show more content…
She felt like the mistranslation was including her as one of her father’s sons. Either way, she would always remind her father that he had six sons, and one daughter. In other words, she wanted her father to have a special title for her when he introduced her. “This is my only daughter, the writer.” And not what he would always say, “This is my only daughter. She teaches.” Although this should have no importance in my opinion, the narrator is not satisfied by the way her father has introduced her in the past. Anyway, she goes on by describing how her father’s reaction after reading one of her stories – translated into Spanish- made her feel wonderful when he asked for more copies for their relatives. Similar to Cisneros’ story, I too have struggled for acceptance and felt some sort of lack of appreciation from my parents, and some…show more content…
She did not agree with my dad’s opinion, then again it was not the first time that happened which was most probably the cause of the divorce. Anyway, she believed that I should stick and focus in my education only. She had a good point, “you start working, and get money and end up losing interest in school because you start liking the money. Then you will see that getting an education and going to college as a waste of time.” Now I’m not saying working while studying is not a good thing, I know plenty people do it and still end up successful. Nor am I judging my own ability to be able to excel on both, but I saw my mother had a good point. Also, I had enough examples of what dropping out of school to work looked like, either by necessity or by choice. My brother was one of them. He had dropped out for the necessity of money, and he would always tell me to focus in school and try to get a higher education. Personally, I plan to be successful. But honestly I never saw working and studying at the same time as my plan to success. Still, I felt the need to satisfy my dad’s desire for me to work, but at the same time I did not want to disappoint my mom. I mean, what if I did lose interest in school and just focused on getting money? Most importantly I wanted to be a successful psychologist. My mother’s last words when it came to me making decisions were always; “It’s your choice, tu sabes.” This left a lot of doubt
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