The Structural Functionalism Of Children

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According to American academy and adolescent psychiatry, about 120,000 children are adopted in the United States alone. That is a lot of children that need to find a new home to stay in. Not only do adoptions affect the child after they are adopted, no matter the age; but adoption also affects the parents giving their child up for adoption. There are many types of adoptions. Along with that, there are many reasons for giving the child up for adoption. There are three main perspectives that I will be talking about. One function would be the structural functionalism. How society cooperates. The second would be the conflict perspective. The third would be symbolic interactionism approach. There are many different aspects of adoption, making it possible to talk about all three approaches. Parents put their kids up for adoption because they are not able to care for them. This could be because they are not stable enough, and they want a better life for them. Or it could simply be because they got pregnant too young and just are not ready to have a child yet. I am first going to discuss the different types of adoptions. The first that I will talk about will be foster care. This is where they are placed into a foster home. They stay there until they find a permanent family. It is usually not a permanent in most cases. According to ABC new about 20% of these kids stay in the foster care system for 5 years or more before they find a family to adopt them, and about 20,000 children stay in the foster care system until they “age out”. This is a scary thought considering that the age for aging out of the foster care system is 18. So in other words, when they turn 18 they are out in the real world defending for themselves. The average age for p... ... middle of paper ... ...adopted then that is a whole different story. They would be raised in a better environment. They would possibly be able to attend schooling and maybe even college. Which would help them get a higher paying job. Now onto the adoptive family. They would be spending more money in result of the adoption. Which may cause them to not have as much money as they would like, maybe making it harder to find a nicer house. And the houses that are not as expensive as some are becoming further and further away from the city making commute time to work longer, in result spending more time and money. They may also choose a house further and further away from the city for safety purposes. And that means they are farther away from main roads and such making money and time still an issue. Because they would have to drive everywhere, because they won’t be by anything, such as stores.
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