The Strong Sense Of Socialization

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We live in a world that is constantly changing. Aspects of society such as fashion, politics, media and most importantly, people are ever changing. We are affected by those around us, and we in turn affect them as well. As of the day we are born, there is an element that is brought into our everyday lives that we continue to face until the day we die. This element is called socialization. In the introduction page of our chapter three readings, it is is explained as follows “socialization refers to the processes that allow people to become members of society, develop a sense of self, and learn to participate in social relationships with others” (Shaffir & Rosenberg, YEAR, Page).
Being socialized into our current society is very different than
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Often, a person with this strong sense of individualism was not the first person to dress, speak or act a certain way. Humans, even while attempting to be different, are greatly affected by other members of society. For example; a 17 year old girl will see thousands of other teenagers her age dressing a certain way. One day she notices a group of girls who tend to dress differently, and she decides to go buy the outfit she noticed them wearing. Technically, she is not individual because she saw these girls and was affected by them. This shows that individualism is not something that differs from being socialized. We are socialized into a society with norms and expectations. All of this considered, we must see or hear of something being done a certain way on television, in person, on the Internet to be able to try it out for ourselves. I believe if you took a child who was raise in a normal society, and a child who was raised in an apartment building filled with other families sharing the same beliefs, dressing the same way, speaking the same way and never met another person, seen a television or computer, they would have little sense of individualism. This is because you must see to be able to
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