The Strengths Of Global Leadership As A Global Leader

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Leadership is a fundamental issue today because borders have been opened to global trade; where organizations and companies are in a constant struggle to become more competitive, looking for people who are efficient and able to give as much as themselves to the welfare of the organization or company. For that reason organizations and individuals are essential, today the global leaders are those who succeed in their organizations and are able to guide his subordinates to do so. The leader as a person has many strengths and weaknesses you should know; this involves looking first within oneself, known then understand others and reflect what you want to achieve.
As it is disused in the Case in Point, after the recession on 1998 the organizations
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Every day you learn a lesson. He is someone who is always on the way, is defined as ever being finished, but as a subject in permanent construction. It is a guide, share what you have, can and know, and in turn a fellow road. He is someone in a group, and the difference from the rest is that represents and recalls the larger goals of the group, so that he, in the course of the road is not lost for short and perhaps harmful sites. The leader is someone worthy to imitate and follow. He is able to summon more by attitudes, the way to live and embody the values he preaches that the speeches made. Persuades people not by the exterior details, but by the quality of spirit, inner strength that leads. Aspect that can be summarized in the deep meaning that the expression implies: comprehensive…show more content…
A "group" is a group of individuals working in the same organization, which communicate directly and who share a common task or conditions. A "team" consists of people who favor integration of efforts towards finding and achieving common objectives, emphasizing features of cooperation, trust and support each other. Complementing between two concepts it can be noted that all members of a "group" for the achievement of a work in "team" are
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