The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Writing

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Being told to write any kind of essay is not an easy task. I have never felt confident about what I am writing about. Since I was young, I have always struggled to put all of my thoughts into an essay. However, some of writing skills have improved from being a weakness to becoming a strength of mine. Throughout this course, I have struggled with developing an idea I am trying to deliver, and I have also struggled with sentence structure and punctuation; however, I have made some progress in being able to write precise, articulate sentences and organize my thoughts through the paper, I still have to work on improving my writing skills. My greatest weakness in writing is writing deficiencies; I have plenty. Developing the message I am trying to deliver in my writing is very challenging because I struggle figuring out how to add on to my ideas. I am the opposite of being a proficient at this task. Most of the…show more content…
What a struggle. Most of the time, I get bad grades on my essays because of sentence structure and punctuation due to not reviewing my essay after writing them. For example, I struggled with mechanic errors in the essay “The Three Major Methods” as I didn’t use a “formal tone,” which “omits personal pronouns,” which were not necessary. In addition, another comment I had in the same essay was “review you work,” which explains why I had mechanic errors because if I had reviewed my paper before submitting it, I would have had fewer errors due to fixing my errors before submitting my paper (“The Three”). Therefore, one way to improve this weakness can be reading over my essay more than once and checking my punctuation because mechanic issues can be an easy issue to fix; to add on, reading other articles could also help me develop my weakness of having a bad sentence structure, which can help find the right tone for each sentence, which can develop the main idea I want to deliver without using unnecessary
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