The Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Writing

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Writing and the writing process are taught at a young age. As young students, we learn the alphabet so that we can learn to formulate words, which eventually become sentences and then essays or books. The writing process is an important factor when turning sentences into a formal writing piece. It’s taught at an early age because it takes time to fully understand and perfect the process. There are many steps involved that are all essential in constructing a well written and thought out paper. These steps will follow a student all way to college, and even into ones career upon graduating. Personally, I’ve learned the importance of using this specific process to expound on a topic and over the years it has helped in the maturity of my writing.…show more content…
One of my strengths is my great reading comprehension when focused. This in turn helps with my writing when I 'm analyzing a piece because it shows full understanding. Secondly, my essays are normally always organized. Before writing, I always choose to create outlines for each paragraph because it helps with the flow of the paper in its entirety. I find that if I don’t do it, ideas are unorganized causing my readers to be confused. Lastly, I am able to use sources correctly. A lot of time was spent to ensure that I was able to create and use citations within my essay whenever they are necessary. With strengths there are also weaknesses. I struggle with writing about a topic of no interest. Being able to write about a topic that one lacks interest in, is an important skill to have. Going forth in my education and career, I have to be able to effectively produce a finished product with excellence when there is no interest as I do with a piece of interest. The same amount of effort has to be given to a topic that has no personal relation as one that I am passionate about. Another weakness is the lack of presenting clear evidence after coming up with a great argument. Often, the evidence used isn’t clear to the readers as to why I used them. These weaknesses are something that I want to be able to work on going forth in this
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