The Strengths And Importance Of Academic Writing

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Having experienced both English 5A and 5B, I have gained a profound perspective on the importance of academic writing, a good gauge of my strengths and weakness, and acquired an arsenal of reading and writing skills. First and foremost, one reading and writing technique I heavily implement within my projects are triple entry journals. I never utilized this strategy in high school; however, it is a valuable skill I learned in the past two semesters of 5A and 5B. Triple entry journals allow the writer to break down a text and an author 's main points. In turn, I can formulate a summary for each point, identify a significant quote, and respond to the author 's point of view with my personal commentary. Ultimately, it has allowed me develop my early body paragraphs and expedite my writing process. For instance, in 5B project 1, the prompt entailed writing an essay on whether or not technology has affected society in a negative or positive aspect. My primary source was the New York Magazine article, In Defense of…show more content…
5A and 5B is, identifying and entering conversations. Entering a conversation entails writing an essay about an ongoing topic that is usually polarizing or controversial. As the writer, it is my job to state the topic, take a stance, provide multiple perspectives, and ultimately explain the significance about the topic. I first began utilizing this technique during my senior year of highschool in my Expository Reading and Writing Class. For instance, I had to write an essay discussing whether or not physician assisted suicide should be legalized. I discussed that federal legalization of the bill might lead to individuals devaluing life; however, terminally ill patients felt they should have a say in whether or not they can to take their own life rather than suffering the torments of their illness. This highlights my previous experience with conversations with multiple

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