The Strengths And Comparison Of Generation Me: Millennials

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Generation Me or often called millennials are controversially consisting the generation born from 1980 until 2000. Most of the older generations call these young people slothful, shallow, egotistical and fame-obsessed. However, some people have different perspectives about them and call these millennials creative, optimistic, open minded and efficient. This contentiousness has caused numerous research by professors and others regarding ‘Generation Me’. Nevertheless, every generation has its strengths and weaknesses.
‘Millennials’ is often linked to narcissism or self-centered characteristic. This can be easily concluded from the confidence, high expectation and haughtiness attitude they show. They grew up being told they are special or better than others. Eventually, when they are about 14 years of age, they will come to a
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Even though, they do not always succeed in pursuing or starting something new, some of them are highly motivated and persistent. An example of one of the successful millennials is Mark Zuckerbergs. The well-known facebook inventor has shown an exceptional quality of generation Y. Nonetheless, not everyone is as fortunate as Zuckerbergs. They lost their war against failure. They bailed out from what they thought to be a brilliant idea which later turn into a foolish idea after they were being blown by rejections. They no longer believe in their originality and lost encouragement in trying to reach their goal. Once they have lost their determination, it may lead to unfavorable effect. These ‘Generation Me’ has grown up being pompous unlike the baby boomers and older generations which put their family needs ahead of them. Therefore, losing confidence in oneself may be able to end one’s career unlike the older generations which will persevere in fulfilling their family

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