The Strength to Overcome Addiction

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Addiction is a very common problem around the world. Not only is it common, but it is also a huge issue. According to the Casa Colombia research, one in seven people, ages 12 and older are addicted to nicotine, alcohol or some other kind of opiate drug (“What Is Addiction”). Drug dependency comes with many consequences like negative symptoms, depression, health and mental issues and death. Drug abuse does not only affect the addict, but also the people around one. Millions of people around the world are addicted to narcotics. Some believe that addiction to narcotics is a mental disease and can’t be overcome, but others say that if one is psychologically strong, one can overcome a drug dependency. Therefore, if one has the support, resources, and will, one can recover from drug addiction.

Addiction is a bad habit that one performs more than desired, and still executes it in spite of all the negative results. There are different types of addiction, some may not make any sense, however, are a problem in many people’s lives. Smoking, sexual intercourse, gambling, alcohol and drugs are the most common addictions. Along with smoking and alcoholism, the use of drugs is on top of the usage list. Drugs are bought illegally or prescribed and used daily. It is a rising problem around the world that needs to stop.

There are a few risk factors that make one more susceptible to becoming an addict. Antisocial and experimental attitudes are most seen in teenagers. Some teens like to rebel against society and try new things, and one of those things are drugs. Being close to drugs, like living in a big city, also is a peril because drugs are easier to get, and there’s a variety to choose from. Other causes include, family problems, gang membe...

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...drug dependent, one puts drugs on their “most important thing to do” list. This can cause one’s relationships to decay, along with family life. It may also destroy one’s education path and career. Which at the end leads to financial issues and puts them on the streets; or if they’re “lucky”, get caught by the cops and get put into jail, but its still debatable on which is better. These are all huge issues with addiction but it can also lead to death. When someone overdoses, it means the drug ingested, has entered the body too quickly that brings one to severe intoxication, which could lead to death.

One would think, “Why don’t they just stop? Yeah they’ll suffer for a bit when they’re facing withdrawal, but so what? It’s better than ruining your whole life”. The thing they don’t know is that once one is dependent on drugs their minds change, their logic fades.
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