The Strength of the Teological Argument due to Science

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The Strength of the Teological Argument due to Science

Science does give us more and more information about the universe, but

it doesn’t believe in God or god as the designer of the universe as

there is no scientific evidence for the existent of God. But learning

more about the universe does show us that there is an order in the

universe, which strengthens the teological argument.

The Design argument is a theory based on the idea that everything in

the Universe is ordered. It is also known as the Teological argument,

derived from the Greek word "telos" meaning "end" or "purpose." The

basic and fundamental proposal of the design argument is that because

of the apparent order that is present in the Universe and on earth, we

must conclude that there is an element of design involved. To design

something, it is logical to think that there must be a designer. This

designer is God. The idea of God being the designer of the universe in

this teological argument is something that hasn’t been scientifically

proven therefore science disagrees with the idea.

The design argument is spilt into two parts; design qua regularity and

design qua purpose. Design qua regularity argues that the order and

regularity evident in the universe is proof of a designer. For example

a formal garden shows evidence of a Gardner because of its order- the

way it has been weeded and the way the flowers have been arranged.

There is also order and regularity in the universe, for example the

way the different planets rotate. Philosophers say this proves that it

cannot have been just random chance.

Design qua purpose looks at the evidence of design in terms of how all

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... to change your beliefs. I.e. it

won't convince an atheist. However, the idea of the universe just

being here, a brute fact, a product of blind chance and nothing more

is a personally unsatisfactory one due to the extraordinary nature of

the universe and so whist the Design Argument may not conclusively

prove the existence of God it suggests that the existence of a

Designer, who we know as God, is a more probable likelihood than not.

Science shows the design of the universe. Science strengthens the

design argument as it shows us more and more information about the

universe. Therefore there is even more reason for believing that there

was and is a designer who planned and created the universe. But there

is no proof that the designer is

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