The Stream Of Consiousness: Daydreaming and Fantasy

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Have you ever thought about why we daydream? I myself have had series of thoughts wondering why I daydream. Daydreaming are a steam of thoughts and Images that occupy most of a person’s waking hours. The stream of consciousness personally reflects on the world and visualizes the future. Some say that daydreaming can be bad and get in the way. They think that daydreaming is just nothing but a “cloud of thoughts” in other words a waste of time. But daydreams are more or less realistic and unintentional thoughts of the daydreamer’s life. Daydreaming is a way to escape reality, and maybe can help plan for the future. Have you wondered about the past and why it happened that way it did? Well then, we end up fantasizing about what could have happened. For example, let’s say you break up with your boyfriend over a text that he had sent to one of your friends and you found out about that text. Well a whole stream of thoughts run through your head, you wonder if your boyfriend is cheating, or maybe he’s planning a surprise for you, or maybe your friend Isn’t being a real good friend and is going after your man. So then you break up with him. You go to your next class and end up daydreaming or fantasizing of what could have happened if you confronted him about the situation. Haha. That was a very bad example but Daydreams typically reflect on your past and can help with the future. Daydreams are different for everyone. It’s different based off of age and gender. If you’re a teen boy around the age of 14, this is the step where most boys experiment. Now, I’m not a boy but I’ve got a brother. There moods change drastically and they want to become “older” then they really are. So 14yr old boy would probably start to have sexual fantasies. S... ... middle of paper ... ...x and escape for a while. Helps to think clearly. For people who say that daydreaming is bad and you can’t focus at all, well where do your best ideas come from? Your brain doesn’t constantly just keep thinking, sometimes it just needs a break. Just because you daydream does not mean you lack focus, it’s a way to keep you open minded, think positive, set goals and escape. APA Reference Page Book, two authors Davidson, R.J., & Davidson, J.M. (1980) The Psychobiology of consciousness. New York: Plenum Press. Article, unknown author Get unreal, Daydreaming keeps mind active, researchers learn. (1989, September 24). Chicago-Sun Times, p.17 Book, one author James, M.K. (1972). The Stream of Consciousness: Reflections of the inner flow... Kentfield, California. Eagle Press. Book, one author Singer, J.L. (1975). The inner world of daydreaming. New York: Harper and Row

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