The Strategy And Reasoning Behind Efficient Site Layout

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The topic of my research is the strategy and reasoning behind efficient site layout. It is very important to manage space on a job site before and during a project. The way you lay out the location can affect the efficiency of the job as well as the safety of your employees. I am going to discuss the thought that goes into a site layout. How to plan a project location and use the space on the site effectively. Where to put access roads and driveways, lines for utilities, and even temporary objects such as equipment and site trailers. The reason I chose this topic is because it is a very important step in any project. Without a proper layout, the project cannot run smoothly. While working for Adams construction, I have been on job sites where space was not a factor. On the other hand, I have also been on very small sites where every detail must be planned so that the job can be finish in a timely manner without it turning into a jumbled mess. Every portion of a project is dependent of the preplanning of the job site. As a construction major it is important that I understand how to properly plan a site and execute that plan successfully. In learning more about site layout, I hope to be better prepared for my future. I would like to get all the information I can get in my field of study so that when I graduate I will be ready to start a career. Site layout is an important process, and by learning about it I can further my understanding of the other components of a project. The two most important things on a job are safety and productivity. By preplanning the layout of your site, you can automatically improve both aspects. While keeping safety in mind a plan must be made for the placement of objects on a site to produce optimal pr... ... middle of paper ... ...n and place stakes for roads and utility lines. The surveyor must look at the architect’s drawings so that the lines can be placed in the correct locations (ESI, 2016). If the utilities are not properly marked, they will not come into the buildings in the correct locations. This will cause the gas lines, electric lines and plumbing to be to not match up with the buildings lines that have already been run. Pre-existing utilities must be marked before any construction can begin so that they will not be dug up or interfere with the new construction in any way. Before beginning a new project, you must have a site layout. Access roads must be made for trucks sand equipment. Space must be managed to accommodate building materials and equipment while maintaining the safety of workers and creating efficient progress. A proper site layout will make a project run smoothly.

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