The Story of an Hour

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There are many stories with twists and turns, and you never truly know what happens until you live it yourself. One story that has a twist in the plot is The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin. The story is about a lady whose husband is believed to be dead; but, in all actuality he is not. In addition, she is happy that he is dead until she finds out that he is alive. The theme is how she gave up on life until she heard the death of her husband, she then had her life to look forward to until she finds out he is alive and it shock her so much and she died. In the story the plot was twisted around. Mrs. Mallard has heart problems and when she learns that her husband has been killed and she was really sad, but when her sister left, she thought to herself and felt happy. She then said “free, free, free!” However, her husband opens the door and when she sees him her heart pumped too fast because it pushed over the top with joy, but in my mind, I believe she died because it was so much grief knowing he was still alive. Therefore, in many stories the plot can become twisted and the outcome can change drastically. I believe the title’s meaning is devastating because it shows you what could happen in just sixty minutes. One moment her husband was alive, and then he was gone. Firstly, Mrs. Mallard experiences what women have felt and endured for many generations and it shows how they all rendered into silence because of the tragic accident. Also, this story shows you what can happen to someone in a short period of time and not knowing how the other person feels about you when you are diseased. Therefore, you should live life to the fullest and never take you life for granted because you could be next. The author’s tone changes because of a... ... middle of paper ... ... Lastly, women back in that era was defined by their social roles like taking care of your husband and if you are wealthy women you were more restricted to things. However, our era women are treated equally as the men. Therefore, women now in days can do whatever they please because they have no restrictions on them like they had in the 1800’s. The story shows you how an unexpected twist in the plot can affect the whole out of the story. The story is about a woman, who has heart problems, and she learns about his death, and when she finds out he is alive she dies of joy the doctors think. Also, this story shows you how women were treated back in the 1800’s. The USA has changed dramatically over time because women are treated equal. Therefore, the moral is to never not expect the unexpected, and all ways treat others with respect because it could hurt you or others.

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