The Story of MFB: A Production Company

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MFB Productions I am Bobby Cramer, the CEO and co-founder of MFB Productions. I am going to discuss how this film production empire began and the inspirations that trail blazed the way for our dreams to come to be realized. Like all great companies, MFB Productions started as an idea or dream that three very talented individuals had when we were teenagers. The individuals are Micah Demby, Francesca Davis, and me, Bobby Cramer. As teens, we attended Cedar Hill Collegiate High School and received our Associates Degree and High School Diploma in the same year. We were less than twenty years of age. After graduation, we all sat down at Chipotle Mexican Grill and discussed where our lives were going. We all knew that we wanted to go to college, however, we didn’t want to be just another college graduate that had a degree and didn’t use it professionally. Micah wanted to get into business management and become a screenwriter; Fran wanted to be a film editor; and I just wanted to do it all. Together, we decided that we could create our own film production company and coined the name “MFB” for Micah, Francesca, and Bobby. Before we could start our own company, we needed to obtain degrees in our separate fields of expertise. I obtained an MFA in Producing with a Minor in Cinematic Arts, teaching me how to become a successful producer and to dabble in many aspects involved in film making. Micah sought after several degrees, including a Bachelor of Business Management and an MFA in Animation and Digital arts with a Minor in Screenwriting. This enabled her to have a diverse set of skills. Franchesca obtained an MFA in Film and Television Production with a Minor in Digitals Studies, which enabled her to become strong in the field o... ... middle of paper ... ...d, including animation, VFX, audio editing, graphic designing capabilities and so much more. It also speedily loads up and slices through both audio video with ease, and can easily fix flaws and inconsistencies with the lighting, footage and audio making this software truly elite. In addition to that, this software’s apps can make use of green screen technology, and can also insert SFX and VFX into our films, making it versatile for use both in front of the green screen and on live shots. Finally, it can handle 4K resolution—as well as many lower resolutions—which means it is compatible with our cameras. In conclusion, it is very clear that MFB productions, we only use the most top-notch, high-quality software in order to create our productions. After all, if we were using low quality technology, there is no way we could have ever reached the success we have today.

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