The Story of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

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In Matthew 24:43–25:13, it gives us a story of Jesus. We see Jesus painted as a thief in the night and as a bridegroom, both being mirrored images of Jesus as the returning King. The central message in both stories is to watch and be ready, because the day and hour of His coming are unknown. In Matthew 24:43-51, it gives a parable of two slaves, one whom is a wise and faithful servant, found caring for the master’s household (God’s people). The other is an evil servant whom beats the other slaves, lives among the world, and commits worldly acts. In Matthew 25:1-13, we find a parallel story, about ten virgins who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were foolish and did not take extra oil, and five were prudent and carried extra oil for the trip. In both stories, we find the faithful understood that watching meant being properly prepared, servicing the kingdom, and knowing that Jesus will return at an unknown time. The unfaithful were not ready for the kingdom, they showed their true character, and thought they had more time. The Scriptures drops the message that one day the Lord will return as King to judge all. There will be a reward for the true servants and there will be punishment for the false servants.
The story before Matthew 24:43-51, the parable of the fig tree, turns our attention to identifying the outline of events prior to Jesus’ return. The emphasis is on identifying the abomination of desolation, the great tribulation, and the signs in the heavens leading to Jesus’ return. Though the seasons will be evident, man will continue on as if its life as usual. Noah’s time is used as an example to show how people will not recognize what is right in front of them until it is too late. “Two men will...

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...virgins went into the wedding feast, and the faithful servant entered into the joy of the master. The connections continue with depicting the fate of the false servants. The parable of the fig tree says that one will be left. The five foolish virgins were left outside of the wedding feast and not acknowledged by the Lord. The worthless slave was stripped and thrown into the outer darkness.
The writer does an excellent job driving home the key elements surrounding the returning King. We clearly understand that no man knows when Jesus will return, but we can identify the closing of the season. The faithful are to be on watch while tending to the kingdom. The false servants will run about life as if they have more time. The returning King will give an account of the true and false servants. There will be a reward for the faithful and punishment for the unfaithful.
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