The Story of Epictetus

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Often times we think of philosopher’s as remarkable, epic and significant people. Typically they would not be thought of as being owned by another human, beaten and used for their talents as someone else claimed the benefits of ones wisdom. However, Epictetus, known for his interpretation of Stoicism, was just that; he was a slave.
A famous story is told, while being beaten by his master, who has twisting his leg, Epictetus warned him he would break it if he kept twisting, not only did his leg break but it caused him to walk with a limp forever after. Later, after his master died, he became a well-known teacher, who fled to northern Greece when the emperor of Rome ordered all philosophers out. “Epictetus opened a school or lecture room at Nicopolis, where he taught till he was an old man.” (Demonax, c. 55, torn, ii., ed. Hemsterh., p. 393). Some wonder how did a slave become so smart? I did of a search of this and found Garnier, the writer of a "Mémoire sur les Ouvrages d'Epictète," describes this very well, saying "Epictetus, born at Hierapolis of Phrygia of poor par...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that epictetus was a slave, beaten by his master, and left for greece when the emperor of rome ordered all philosophers out.
  • Opines that epictetus' wisdom was beyond prodigious. he understood that we cannot be happy unless we let go of the anxiety and fear of things we can't change.
  • Analyzes how the philosophers understood the importance of living life, not just going through the motions, but showing unconditional love to all living.
  • Explains that no one is master of another's prohairesis, and in this alone lies good and evil, but they have authority over themselves in these matters.
  • Opines that we all could learn a little about love, and respect if we tried to be more like the great philosophers who left us with much wisdom.
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