The Story of Adolf Hitler

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The Story of Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, was born on April 20th 1889

in a small Austrian town called Braunau, near to the German border.

His father - Alois - was fifty-one when Hitler was born. He was

short-tempered, strict and brutal. It is known that he frequently hit

the young Hitler. Alois had an elder son from a previous marriage but

he had ended up in jail for theft. Alois was determined that Hitler

was not going to go down the same round - hence his brutal approach to

bringing up Hitler. The background of Alois was a potential source of

embarrassment for the future leader of Nazi Germany.

Hitler's father was the illegitimate child of a cook named (Maria

Anna) Schickelgruber. This cook, the grandmother of Adolf Hitler, was

working for a Jewish family named Frankenburger, when she became

pregnant. Frankenburger paid Schickelbruber, a paternity allowance

from the time of the child's birth up to his fourteenth year.

From a secret report by the Nazi Hans Frank.

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