The Story Of Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi

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Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi shows the reader about the events that took place in the country of Iran in 1980. The protagonist of the story tells us the story of the veil that was mandatory for the women to wear after the Islamic revolution in 1979. She shows us how the people living in Iran reacted to this law through various different perspectives and retorts. The story outlines Marjane’s story from when she was a small child to when she was a young adult. Marjane opposes the notion of command and the various encounters of the Iranian revolution. The book showcases Marjane as a rebellious and outspoken woman through her numerous responses to the situations of her daily life, however, she has other facets to her personality which intrigue me. Through the description of her vivid experiences, she successfully creates a unique identity for herself in my mind. The protagonist is an educated and fully aware youngster. She belongs to a family that has an open mindset which is also why Marjane has a very modern psyche. When the veil is made mandatory in the school everybody takes it as a joke at first but when reality…show more content…
She feels guilty towards god for lying to her parents about becoming a doctor, but she doesn’t want anybody to know about her aspirations. She concludes the story by saying, “I wanted to be justice, love and the wrath of god all in one.” (pg - 569). This quote highlights the facts which actually constitute Marjane’s true identity. She is an advocate of equality, affection, and justice. She understands the major issues of the revolution and being a mature girl she is, she wants to help everybody by taking the authority to change things. She strikes a perfect balance between being strong and sensitive at the very same time and these qualities of Marjane become a permanent part of the identity she creates of herself in my
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