The Story Of 'Maleficent'

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Jennifer Sandoval
Miss Longino
Period 1
The Truth About "Maleficent"
I am one of thirteen sisters. If you think it’s hard to get along with your siblings, imagine thirteen fairies abusing their abilities without rest in a small house just past the eastern village. Being the youngest, I sometimes feel my gift was what all that was left over. My sister Akila has the gift of beauty, Cass with the gift of riches, Agatha with goodness, and so on with every great gift you could imagine. I, on the other hand, was given the gift of wishfulness. I assist with making dreams coming true in any way imaginable. I’m quiet, clumsy, and easily forgotten. My thoughts spend most of their time in the clouds and my words are few. Since most of my time was spent in solitude, I quickly took up the hobby of spinning silk. I found a simple pleasure in it, one I could not explain. It passed the time for me, and with this I felt useful and skilled in one way if not in the magic department. My name is Matilda, but as much as I seem to be complaining about my misfortune of a life, this is not a story entirely about me. This is the story of a girl living in the shadow of just one of my mistakes. And it may be different from another version you've heard, so pay close attention.
There was a time when a king and queen ruled over the land I grew up in. Fairies were of popular talk back then, and my title of a Red Fairy would have struck awe into many people. The king and queen were kind rulers, and everyone wanted what was best for them. They had been trying for some time to have a child. You could see their losing eyes with the way they smiled. They were starting to give up. But then, the queen’s kindness was finally returned to her. She was walking along a...

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...celebrating her birth, and become the old woman spinning silk in the castle that results in Rose's slumber. She also helps the prince make it to the castle, then giving the name Maleficent instead of Matilda. It is even insinuated that she may have been the fish that granted the wish of the queen to give birth to the child, but cannot be confirmed nor denied.
I think the story has retained all of the key elements throughout the years because of how classic it has become. The princess falls into a slumber in every version, pricks her finger in most versions, and is cursed by a fairy in most versions. A prince or king always saves her. I think all of the adaptations of this story keep these elements because it gives a familiar feel to the story. You know this story and it is more interesting to see the details the writers changed in each version and retelling.
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