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Introduction The Story of English is a video production series produced in 1986, by MacNeil-Lehrer Productions and the BBC as well a grant given by General foods. The series were written by Robert MacNeil, Robert McCrum and William Cran. The Story of English showcases the journey, and progression of English as a global language through different eras of time and countries. English is a living organism that has alter and adapted itself to fit the mold and needs of the society it possess. The needs of a common language among different languages and people has created the needs of both pidgins and creoles. English has become the universal language of both of the sky and the sea. It has dominated the globe as being the most influential language…show more content…
English’s growth represents the power of political, economic and cultural development. English has continued to develop through its military and military influences on other countries. As English continues to evolve it brings with it the different variations of English as we see today. Some examples would include Valley girl, Gay slang and California Surfer talk. These English slangs emerged to become a part of the English we speak today.
The continuation and influence of English as global language soon makes its way to Asia. In most of the Asian countries, English is seen as necessity of a second language. It breaks the barriers between the world countries and allow relationships to be built for better businesses, education and social class for its people. The influence of English in Asia creates global modernization. English has become the language of the sky and sea.
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English’s hegemony creates both a positive and negative race towards modernization. The positive aspects of modernization and in economical, and educational growth is the relationships built overseas between different cultures and nations. These modernizations and relationships creates the needs of improvement in social welfare and lives of others. These needs are the ideas powering the production of new technology and cures waiting to be found. English as a global language brings together cultures of different backgrounds into a homogenized society which can be seen as both a positive and negative aspect. These homogenized societies crave the same materialistic commodities such as the latest technological gadgets, food, clothing and musical influences. It creates the no barrier zones which may led to the loss of cultural identity and language. Other times it may led to the production of a pidgin and creole. English is a living organism and a language without frontiers. Its evolution and adaptability to its environment produces the English we see and speak in modern society. As English’s vocabulary increases so does the vocabulary of our generations. The creation of English Slang has merged into the English vocabulary we speak today. More and more words are added daily to the English dictionary with the emergences of the need of self
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