The Story Of Decameron V, 1 And 4

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The stories of Decameron IV, 1 & 5 and Decameron V, 4 have contrasting endings. The disparities of the endings are due to the relationship between social classes and family acceptance. These significant factors led to Decameron IV, 1 & 5 having a tragic ending. These two stories involved lovers being separated by family members due to social rankings. In Decameron V, 4 the opposite occurred; the father accepted the relationship because the family of the individual was distinguished in society. Decameron IV, 1 consisted of the love story of Ghismunda, a young widow that found a lover, named Guiscardo. Tancredi, the father of Ghismunda, discovers the relationship that his daughter is having with Guiscardo and knows he must punish them. In the story, Tancredi tells Ghismunda in tears, “Since you had to bring yourself to such dishonor, would to God you had chosen a man who was worthy of your nobility. From among all the men that frequent my court you chose Guiscardo, a young man of basest birth, who was raised at our court from the time he was a small child until today almost as an act o...

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