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A story can be many things. By the definition, a story is an adventure, a mix of litterary terms, a conflict, an antagonist, a protagonist or hero, all within a coherent timeline, to entertain or teach the person the story is told to. For a person of deeper interest though, a story isn't just something thought up of, it is a source of ideas all so wonderfully expressed, a downpour of action and suspense to crisp the eye, a flow of emotions to enchant the heart, or a deluge of unknown to challenge the mind. It could possibly be all of these. Most people cannot appreciate the true essence of a story. They merely watch it from afar, admire in dull silence without even attempting to travel into the world of the story and feel the emotions, enjoy the happiness, share the sorrow, and partake in the action. The few that do appreciate it well.
One such person was Ned Devine. He truly adored all stories. Whether they were children's or adult's from all around the world, he truly worshiped nothing else. He knew many of them by heart and could recite them word for word after having read the books and seen the movies at least twenty times each. Now however, he was tired of reading and watching the stories of others. Wearied he was of the few yet constant imperfections in the ideas of the material he so well enjoyed over the many decades of his life. Worn was he of the stories that were too short, or that had unsatisfying conclusions he made a decision never before considered during his long lifetime; he was going to write the perfect story because he had discovered in the flash of an instant a deep secret.
This time, no imperfections would be to speak of. The wording would be as close to the degree of perfection as possible. The grammar would be mastered as if he was the one who wrote the rules that defined it. Ned Devine was elated with his new idea. He believed that his creation would be the ultimate literary creation. It was to be impossible to be tired, wearied, or worn of such a magnificent fiction because it would endlessly tingle and tickle the emotion of the reader. He knew what to do to bring his masterpiece to reality; he was in need of aid from the most qualified people of the language.

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