"The Storm"

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Kate Chopin’s short story, “The Storm,” focuses on Calixta and Alcee, two characters who committed adultery after being brought together by an unexpected storm. Because Chopin wrote this story in the 1890s, the lack of passion and sexual attraction in marriages is portrayed. The bad weather set the stage for both Calixta and Alcee to act on their sexual urges, which ultimately gave them a feeling of renewal in their marriages. Chopin intertwines plot and setting by describing a storm which fundamentally influenced a sexual encounter and providing insight into the eras conception that marriage is much more than a mere sexual relationship. From the first paragraph, Chopin depicts an arising storm, and informs the reader of Calixta’s domestic life. As the storm quickly approached, so did Alcee, a former lover. At first Calixta’s thoughts were consumed by her marital obligations. This is shown when she states “I got enough to do! An’ there’s Bobinot with Bibi out in that storm” (314). It is apparent that Calixta is overwhelmed with the endless chores she feels are expected of her. Soon...

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