The Stock Market

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The Stock Market

Have you ever noticed how everyone thinks they know what is best for you?

Everyone telling you what to do when you are the only one who knows what is the best

for you. You maybe wondering what this is about, would you believe me if I told you it

is about the stock market. Well it is, you may have thought that this had nothing to do

with the stock market, but actually it is everything about the stock market. Why trust

everybody else when you can invest yourself ? Develop your own system of trading

and get started. This may raise another question, " How can I find the right stock and buy them with out the assistance of a stock broker?" In the following information I will take you through the process of finding hot stock picks and turning them into tremendous profits. Eventually you will even develop a trading system.

First of all lets get the basic steps down before we move to the more advanced

steps. The two main ways to make money in the stock market is from dived ends and

buying low and selling high. To make great outrageous profits you will have to riley on

buying low and selling high. This is very easy to say but very difficult to do. With dived ends you will receive a small percentage gain every quarter of the year, this helps with your profits but not much. To buy low and sell high you first have to find some stocks or funds. With this information and your motivation with stocks you can rule the world! O.K. maybe not the world but definitely your own portfolio.

Now that you have the main concepts down we can move on and try to find some

hot stocks. You never want to buy over bought stocks, because over bought stocks

means that they are over valued. If you bought a over valued stock chances are that you

bought high, and this may force you into selling low and take a loss. An easy way to get a round about feel for a stock to see if it is over or under valued is to look at its PE ratio.
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