The Stereotypes Of Walt Disney

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He left this world, impacting and inspiring the lives of everyone, young and old and changed the world of movie making forever. Part of the study will consider Walt Disney 's background, and his self-made success in America such as the famous Disneyland we all know today. Multiple resources have been collected that focus on Walt Disney 's life and how he significantly impacted the entertainment industry and became a symbol of America, to achieve this goal. The primary source is the book, Remembering Walt: Favorite Memories of Walt Disney by Amy Boothe and Howard E. Green. In the book, there are several interviews with family members and coworkers. Walt Disney promoted diversity an idea that wasn 't even thought of in the 20th century. "Disney …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how walt disney impacted the entertainment industry and became a symbol of america to achieve this goal. he promoted diversity, an idea that wasn't thought of in the 20th century.
  • Explains that walt disney was born in chicago, illinois, on december 5th, 1901, and enrolled in art classes at the kansas city art institute. after returning from france, he decided to make art his career.
  • Analyzes how walt disney promoted diversity and multiculturalism, but also created racial stereotypes, such as the aristocats and the alley cats.
  • Analyzes how walt's movies promoted integration, such as the positive images of interracial love between peter pan and princess tiger lily. he represented the typical american farmer as an african american in food will win the war.
  • Explains that walt disney wanted to create an amusement park where his cartoon characters could come to life and interact with the visitors. he purchased 160 acres of land in california and began the $17 million-dollar project to construct disneyland.
  • Opines that walt disney paved a new path for entertainment with animation. he used fantasy and imagination to speak of the nation's most promising dreams and its deepest concerns.

Walt Disney created a series of shorts during the early thirties that displayed the worst stereotypes of Africans, Arabs, and Jewish people. During that time, it was okay to represent these cultures as uneducated people with large lips, savages, blood-thirsty sultans. Such as Song of the South that "depicted happy slaves living on a plantation in a post-Civil War Atlanta, but the stereotyping problems with the film run much deeper" (Screen Rant). The movie was Walt Disney 's first live-action film. The movie was based on the book Uncle Remus. "Even though actor James Baskett earned an "honorary" Oscar for his portrayal of Uncle Remus, he was not even allowed to attend its premiere due to segregation laws in Atlanta (Screen Rant)." The film has never even been released on home video, and it was even banned from ever showing. He also created racial caricatures. For example, the crows in Dumbo the leaders name is Jim Crow (named after the segregation laws) and was voiced by a white actor while the other crows were voiced by black actors. The AristoCats reinforces several stereotypes related to sexism and classism; Duchess is shown as a white, upper-class cat who teaches her kittens about being a proper cat in high society. The Alley Cats, are a singing jazz troupe made up of a culturally distinct and one-dimensional …show more content…

He paved a new path for entertainment with animation. "His "uniquely American" vision as a creator and an entrepreneur lives on, through his animated and live-action films, music and also in his Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks" (Wasko, Philips, Meehan). Disney 's work used fantasy and imagination to speak of the nation 's most promising dreams and its deepest concerns. He shaped America with his films, that had ideas about multiculturalism, racial diversity, sexuality, political preference, or religious background. "While his accomplishments are remarkable and varied, what made Walt Disney an icon was his ability not only to reflect but to create a truly American culture and influence Americans ' views of their nation" (Disney 's Vision for

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