The Stereotypes Of Gender Roles In Wide Sargasso Sea

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Zayre Gillis May 28, 2014 Gender Roles in Wide Sargasso Sea In the novel Wide Sargasso Sea Rhys primarily focuses on the characters Antoinette & Mr. Rochester as a reflection of gender roles in the Caribbean during the 1800s. In this Romance novel Rhys showcases many ways that gender is used through stereotypes and discusses a great deal of specified gender roles in society. She also craftily exposes hardships of gender biases. Representations of Antoinette in this novel are based on femininity and she is portrayed as irrational and emotional. Whereas Rochester because he is a male he is represented as an active dominant character, that relies on the "masculinity". As a white Creole culture Antoinette is forced to conform to stereotypes that allows her to not to question her role as a woman during this time. The setting of the novel in a West Indian Colony and is structured around the Caribbean Islands. Rhys places Antoinette in a state where she must confront society to prevent herself from acting regarding race. Women during this time weren’t accepted truly for who they we...

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