The Stereotypes Of Feminism In The Feminist Movement

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Identity is often considered to be you sense of self, and who you believe you are. This often pertains to membership to a certain group, and identifying with people of the same or similar identity to yourself. In the feminist movement there has been a mis-match of identities and a lack of a clear collective identity, which has often led to people not fully understanding what feminism truly means (Bickford 112). Feminism as a movement has been strongly focused on identity politics, this has struck some problems though with collective identities and stereotyping. Many stereotypes exist both within feminism and throughout society in which the feminist movement is trying to break down, some such as women 's role to be mother, while simultaneously trying to build stereotypes of strong independent women. A political movement existing without a fixed identity…show more content…
Often this is attributed back to what people believe it means to be a feminist many misconceptions that have circulated about feminists throughout the movement including: Feminists; hate families, hate men, are lesbians, are ugly, hate stay-at-home mums, are all women, believe in the exact same thing, are always angry. This is a huge hurdle for the movement, and often once it is really explained what it is to be a feminist then many people would often adopt the label, once they can see past many of the misconceptions. This assumed identity has shaped the feminist movement in a particular way and has often meant for the separation of the different areas of feminist thought. The lack of engagement by many people that gender inequality effects is a problem for feminism, weather it is a lack of understanding by some people or just it is not seen as important is unclear, but having a more engaged society into what really are big issues in gender inequality would mean for a much stronger

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