The Steps of a Good Man

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The Steps of a Good Man

Lena Younger (Mama) had put a down payment on a new house, the moving men were on the way, and the packing of Mama’s dishes had begun when the horrific news came. Although the house has a down payment, Walter has loss $6500 dollars and the family is devastated. “One of you better call the moving people and tell them not to come,” says Mama (1892). As soon as Walter comes into the house and explains his ghastly plan, she goes to tears. Walter, a young black American man, feel a person can bring about all the dreams in his head and heart through money. The name Walter means ruler of the army, a strong fighter, a conqueror. In the play, a Raisin in the Sun, written by Lorraine Hansberry, Walter fails to live up to the meaning of his name as he tries to become head of the family. Walter wants to provide material comforts, which will make his family more content. In his mind, he thinks having money will make him powerful. Money will make him more of a man in his family eyes. Walter knows money can buy his mother a house, put pearls on his wife’s neck, send his sister to school, and provide a good life for his son. However, Walter fails to realize he is not using common sense, how his actions will break his Mama’s heart, or the shame he will bring to his family by acting with a mental psychologically enslave mind.

Walter is a healthy black man with one way in his head to accomplish his dream. He dreams of being like “The Man.” His Mama asked earlier, “Baby, how you going to feel on the inside”. Walter shouts” FINE...! Going to feel fine…a man” (1894). To Walter, the “Man” controls the flow of money and humanity. He tells you when to sit and when to stand, to eat, or not to eat. He owns the best busines...

... middle of paper ... them they are not to feel inferior to anyone. Walter wanted to deflate this teaching and act upon what THE MAN expected.

One must listen to advice, and then analyze the information before making a rational decision. Using sound practical judgments can be a positive move in one’s dreams. A person who is pursuing a dream must take orderly steps to accomplish what is in their heart. Instead of looking at other people, look inside your heart and mind and ask, “What skills can a person acquire to have a better and more positive outlook for their future?” Walter never tries to obtain the necessary steps to be a little more successful. Obtaining a college education, learning entrepreneurship skills, or use common sense should be some steps in making your hopes and dreams come true. These actions will give you a piece of mind and bring some comfort to a family.

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