The Steps To War In The Iran-Iraq War

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Countries engage in war for reasons that may often seem to have simple solutions. At first glance, reasons for war can seem petty or pompous. In fact however, the steps to war often are complex and deep, shrouded in history, cultural clashes and religious disputes. The Iran-Iraq war of the 1980’s for instance locked the two nations in conflict for nearly eight years, costing nearly half a million Iraqi and Iranian soldiers, and an equivalent number of civilians their lives, with no real resolution to the dispute. This militarized interstate dispute set the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Baathist Republic of Iraq against one another in armed conflict in what was referred to as the ‘Gulf War’. Iran, previously known as Persia became an…show more content…
This conflict decimated the economy in the Middle East proving to be one of the longest conflicts the region has ever seen. John Vasquez and Paul D. Senese in the 2008 Book “The Steps to War: An Empirical Study” outline a specific set of steps which as they say, outline ‘the steps to war’. These steps address the progression to conflict by determining the underlying cause of war. As Vasquez points out, territorial dispute is nearly always the underlying cause. In this case the first step of Vasquez and Senese’s steps to war would prove to be accurate. Border disputes between Iran and Iraq date back centuries. To understand the territorial conflict between Iraq and Iran you must go all the way back to the rise of the Ottoman Empire during the 16th century. It was during this time that conflict between the then Ottoman empire and the already established Persian Empire began to rise. Each Empire embracing a different faith, began to engage one another in conflict along an, at that time, undefined border. Each empire vying for territory and power. Historically there have been two main areas of territorial conflict between Iraq and Iran. One being the land in northern Iraq which more recently

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