The Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine

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I had emailed Emily Sumner and she suggested me to talk to you. I 'm looking to obtain a green card without a no objection letter and I really need an attorney who can help me with the situation. I graduated doctoral degree in Biomedical Engineering from Stony Brook University and my dissertation is very specific on the stem cell regenerative medicine (in the topic of 'mechanotransduction of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell and bone marrow niches). I have developed a non-pharmacological treatment to suppress bone loss, improve bone formation and bone healings in osteoporosis and diabetic patients. Every single chapter of my dissertation is now submitted and/or in preparation to publish in several journals. My previous publications have been cited several times (at least 47 citations). I am now moving to Harvard Medical School as a postdoctoral researcher in stem cell cancer research and pulmonary hypertension in Pediatrics and Newborn division. I have married to an American for 4 years and about 7 months. And, I 've never known before that how important to obtain a green card until now. Since I 'm also trying to submit a research grant as a principal investigator (PI) and/or to accept the NIH fellowship that I applied, it 's crucial that I have a permanent status or holding a green card or having a working permit. I have a J1 status with 212e. And, I have obtained a lawyer in my country to work on obtaining the 'No objection letter '. However, it seemed everywhere we turned we come to the dead end. To obtain a 'no objection letter ', my country wants me to pay back in full of $500,000, which is impossible. So, we are now working on a payment plan and negotiating the number to be a reasonable one. I received Thai sch... ... middle of paper ... ...have a working permit so that I don 't have to rely on J1 that my country has power over? I want to make this happened as soon as possible. I live in Eastchester NY 10709 and will be moving to Boston MA by the end of this month. My husband and I will have more flexible time next week to go finding a temporary housing to move to. He wants to stay in CT where it is in the middle area between NY and MA. Will you have time to meet up in person or discuss on the phone this week(ends)? I can drive to meet you wherever is convenient for you this Saturday. My cell is 814-44-12951. How much you charge for this case? If you think I should seek help from the NY attorney, please feel free to recommend who should I talk to. Thank you so much for your attention. I hope you will recommend what I should do to obtain my green card in this situation. And, hope to see you reply soon.
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