The Stealth War On Abortion By Janet Reitman

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The controversy over the topic of abortion has two distinct sides, you are either for abortion, which can be considered pro-choice, or you are either against abortion, which can be considered pro-life. This topic has had our country in turmoil on where the laws should stand. In an article published to the Rolling Stone titled, “The Stealth War on Abortion” by Janet Reitman, talks about this controversy in a lot of detail. The controversy over abortion has been a topic that many people have had strong opinions about for years now. To this day, it is still a large debate within our country's legislation, as well with the citizens of the United States. In the article the author, Janet Reitman, does a great job in sharing her viewpoint on the subject,…show more content…
Reitman includes stories about court cases that happened in a lot of states, and how they are handling the abortion debate. Reitman starts off by sharing a story of a woman legislator who was raped 20 years ago and is glad that her rape did not result in a pregnancy, because she would not know how to deal her decision with all the restrictions on abortion that are currently present (2014). Reitman shares how certain states are threatening to close a large majority of their abortion clinics, which causes a lot of citizens in that particular state not to agree. Reitman states, “The good news is that in states where some of the most extreme anti-abortion legislation has proposed, the public is fighting back” (2014). This type of word usage hints that she is more pro-choice than pro-life, which could turn away the pro-life advocates from continuing to read her article. Reitman states “While cutting insurance coverage of abortion in disparate states might seem to be a separate is in fact part of a highly coordinated and so far chillingly successful nationwide make it harder and harder for women to terminate unwanted pregnancies, and also to limit their access to many forms of contraception” (2014). Vocabulary such as “so far chillingly successful” sets the tone for the type of opinionated writing this article will

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