The Status and Position of the European Jews at the End of the 19th Century

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The Status and Position of the European Jews at the End of the 19th Century Anti-Semitism has always occurred throughout the history of Europe. Discrimination against the Jews has happened in many ways, ranging from mere physical bullying right through to mass genocide. Throughout the 18th Century Jews had thought they had seen the end of the hated racism that was so constantly pounded at them, but that was all about to change. As one day Adolf Hitler made a speech, and this speech would lead to shaping the destiny of the Jews. In the 1880's German Jews had equal legal rights as any other German citizen. This had come over many years of pain from the Jews, as torment and death appeared to follow them everywhere they settled. They now had a brief respite from these hardships, but there were still restrictions against these people. The 3 main areas where Jews were restricted against were education, the military and the government. Germans still didn't want Jews in high power over their race, as many still believed the Jews to be inferior to them. Many Jews were exceedingly rich even with these restrictions, as many tended to be good businessmen, and made a great living. As of this, many accused the Jews of witchcraft over the centuries, as they always seemed to do well in business. This is of course a myth as it just so happened that some of the successful men were in fact Jewish. In the 1880's many people began to believe that there was a 'ladder' in which human races formed. This so called hierarchy was totally racist and made no sense at all, but as many famous Germans instigated it, many people believed it was true. This ladder ... ... middle of paper ... ...his was ruthless slaughter, and hundreds were brutally murdered. Thousands more lay with broken bodies and torn flesh, while others huddled in shelter after their homes had been incinerated to a crisp. In 1905 the Tsar's secret police published a book called 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion'. This was a complete forgery and pretended to be a plan by the leaders of the Jews all over the world, to take over the world and have Jewish reign. This book was a horrible event, as many people believed it, especially in Germany, and made people absolutely despise the Jewish religion and it's people. All in all the Jews had it bad. In all 3 countries, there were strong anti-Semitic feelings and leaders that provoked these feelings. The worst was let to come however, there seemed to be no respite for the Jewish people.
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