The Status Of The State Of Arizona

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Today, in 2016, it is the first time ever in the history of the United States where a female is a presidential nominee in either the Republican or Democratic party. As much as I am proud of that accomplishment, as an Arizonan, I am more impressed on how the state of Arizona ranks near the top for females in state elected office. Often times, Arizona is attacked for not having better ranking in various categories. These negative paradigms develop a bad reputation for the state of Arizona. As Arizona measures the top of female elected officials, I believe Arizona is better with the inclusion of female elected officials for the development of public policy. Some of the justifications of why female elected officials are better for the development of public policy in Arizona because of their unique perspective, diversity, and engagement. As individuals, we all have a different perspective on life and other certain topics. Our perspectives shape who we are and how we view the rest of the world. Unfortunately, since we, as individuals, all have different perspectives. As males, we tend to become oblivious to rights or issues surrounding females. Case in point, women and credit cards. Back in the 1970s, women were not allowed to have credit cards without the approval of their husband or parents. To be quite honest, if I was a man in those times, I think I would have accepted that reality. The reason I would not have complained about this restriction on women was because I, as a male, was not the one being restricted in my ability to have a credit card. I probably would not have been socially aware of the injustice taking place because of my comfortability that none of my rights were being infringed upon. Also, with different perspectives ... ... middle of paper ... ...a better United States. In conclusion, the engagement, diversity, and perspective of female elected officials will improve the development of public policy in Arizona. As more and more females are integrated into the workforce in mass numbers, the same will occur in politics. The engagement of women in politics will ensure that female voices must be heard as candidates wish to grab the female vote. The diversity that women bring is important in a male dominated field. The unique perspective of women will allow them to propose legislation that men would have not even considered. I hope Arizona continues to be ranked at the top end of having female elected officials in the nation. I think this will progress Arizona in the right directions regardless of the political stance of women because as long as they 're being represented it is a step towards the right direction.
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