The Statement Of Medicine In Occupational Medicine

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This little verse by Benjamin Franklin incited a profound influence on me since long. I truly believe and have often experienced that; a little effort towards prevention earlier can eliminate the need of lot larger efforts later on. And it pertinently applies to health of an individual, whether at home or at work-place. Occupational Medicine is my number one career choice. In many ways, it also reflects my second, third and subsequent career choices. Educators teach and lead young people towards success. Legislators draft policies that improve system and its processes. And artists commit themselves extensively to master their art. As a physician in Occupational Medicine, I see myself incorporating all three; I want to master the art of prevention, work on improving the existing policies and practices, and successfully educate patients as well as professionals.
Since childhood, I was fascinated about complexity of human body and was very curious to learn about it in-depth. And this curiosity eventually drew me towards medical profession. As a medical student; the more I rotated through various specialties, the more I discovered that each has its commendable ways of dealing with diseases. But I found my rotations in Medicine to be especially interesting and invigorating. Every case I came across from COPD to Cancer was an engrossing learning experience. The pathophysiology I learned earlier began to make sense and has consistently emphasized the unparalleled role of primary prevention as the best way to treat a disease. At the end of my clinical rotations, I got unique opportunities to work in hospitals and clinics primarily setup to cater medical needs of underserved worker popul...

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...all facets of medicine fascinating, it is Occupational Medicine which I found most challenging and rewarding. It is one of a few fields of medicine that allows for almost limitless possibilities in pursuing interests; from primary care in Occupational Medicine clinics to surveillance and hazard prevention in industries, drafting guidelines in regulatory agencies, and administration in corporate and public health departments. Therefore I aspire to do residency in Occupational Medicine. I seek a program that offers the opportunity to train with physicians who loves to teach with an ethos of excellence and provides me with challenges to broaden my array of skills and competencies. A residency program that selects me will receive an optimistic, enthusiastic, amiable and intellectually curious individual who will persistently work to serve patients as well as colleagues.