The State of Medical Marijuana in Arizona

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The State of Medical Marijuana in Arizona

Medicinal marijuana use continues to be a widely debated topic throughout America which has divided America’s professional and moral opinions on the matter. It has been proven to offer many benefits to patients who use it; however there are also side effects and civil obligations which need to be considered, as with any drug used for medication.

States continue to weigh in on the possibility of decriminalization and even recreational legalization. Currently, the District of Columbia and twenty states have laws in place that have legalized marijuana in some form. New states continue to chime in daily about their intent to change their own current legislation. Additionally, leaders are now discussing how to exonerate those who currently sit in U.S. prisons for cannabis related charges.

Medical Marijuana

In states where medical marijuana is legal, card holders are given their permits if they suffer from any of a large variety of health issues. There are two types of Qualified Patients that can receive a Medical Marijuana Card, Adult Pati...

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