The State Of Virginia By Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson is known to pick a combination of identities in his writing. He seems not to just pick one. This contradiction may be due to just how important identities were at the time. Southern identities can be part of where Jefferson describes nature. Through rivers in Virginia, Jefferson wanted to establish how Virginians lived. Not only this, he illustrates that Virginia is important to him. A complicated identity is seen throughout Notes on the State of Virginia in regard to race. Race justifies how African Americans should be free and that Native Americans can adapt European ways. Properly organized society is a part in this. In Notes on The state of Virginia, Jefferson introduces a combination of identities for race and for nature. Thomas Jefferson in regard to race introduces a scientific standpoint. Jefferson stresses a scientific standpoint to compare that slaves are a totally different species then whites. African Americans may come from the same genus. The slaves are related in some ways. One comparison is seen in this quote “Besides those of colour, figure, and hair, there are other physical distinctions proving a difference of race. They have less hair on the face and body.” These comparisons Frank Shuffelton states that these comparisons threatened even southern planters as they thought Jefferson was a bit too harsh. People would commonly think that many southerners supported this, yet many were disturbed. In query eighteen, Jefferson elaborates the idea of wanting emancipation of African American slaves. This shares the idea of how several people thought that slaves are included of individual freedom offered in the constitution. He writes, “I hope preparing, under the auspices of heaven, for a total emanci... ... middle of paper ... ... for farming. Jamestown began to boom by tobacco. Jefferson in his career tried to always protect farmers. Farming is what helped sustain the economy. Since America is founded on farming it should be protected. Many people wanted to leave manufacturing, which Britain established. This did not last. America in the North will be influenced by Britain when they begin to industrialize. Jefferson introduces a combination of identities in his work. Race includes the idea of southern identity as many slaves were considered physically different. Though, Indians are held in the highest regard since they are considered more likely to become more European. That is more a regional ideology throughout America. For nature, Jefferson saw that cultivation should be protected. America is founded on the idea of farming. Manufacturing took over and eventually formed the America today.

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