The Stalker

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The Stalker

And there he was. He followed me down every block just a few paces behind me stopping whenever I did and turned at every corner. I recall it was a chilling night, one I would never forget. There was almost an eerie feeling as soon as I had locked up the shop, I could feel someone staring at me from the building across. The dark presence of a slender man caught my eye in the dimly lit street, he didn’t dare to hide himself standing under the street light, face right at me. It was hard to make out his facial features from what seemed like scars and several stitches along his eye. As the fog rolled in and the cold wind whispered, I decided to walk home. Hazzy abandoned apartments and dead, amber leaves that have fallen weeks before made the walk bloodcurdling. What was normally a fifteen minute walk home seemed like hour.

As I approached my house I began to pick up my pace but the man behind me took bigger, faster steps. The wind turned into gusts, the night became bitter and my panic started taking over. The sound of wind chimes in the nearby homes made it almost ghostly as well as the occasional flicker of the street lights. The whole neighborhood seemed to pick up on what seemed a supernatural night. I came up to my block, ran up the creaky porch, and turned around to see if he was there but to my amazement, he stood at the corner still staring at me but frozen and didn’t leave until I opened the door. He just turned around and left as if nothing had happened.

Still in angst, I took my shoes off, hung my coat and headed straight to the kitchen but I walked past my couch, I heard a loud squeak coming from the door. I froze in the center of the hallway at the shrill sound of metal on metal and the thought of an unwa...

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...ands only made it worse. Just as the man was about to grab me, I swung the door open.

As I took the last step off my porch, I thought to myself that it was all over. I heard that same groan to my side so I plunged my body away but I stumbled and landed on the sidewalk. My severely scraped arm and the shreds of skin hanging from my knee made it impossible to get up. It was less than a second after I realized that the man had pulled out the object again and was walking faster towards me. I tried to stand and flee but my body was frozen from the fear. I layed there with my arms over my head on the ground only imagining what could happen next. The faint sound of his slow, heavy breathing made the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up. I slowly looked up to check if he was still there and the last thing I saw was a grotesque, hemic hand about to grab my face.

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