The Stages Of Cognitive Development In A Childhood By Crews

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In the biography “A Childhood”, Crews explained his life story on how he grew up without a father. Crews often wondered if his life would have been different had his father played a role in his life. Although Crews did not know his father, many individuals often told him stories about his father. In Crews’ biography “A Childhood”, it shows how the absences of a father can affect one’s attitude and outcome in life.
In the biography, the narrator writes about his childhood life, and how he tries to live up to his dad who he never met. In theory, mothers and fathers are very essential in child development. Mothers are there to nature and provide for a child; while fathers are there to give guidance and be a role model. There are two kinds of
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Cognitive development is where children start to become aware of their surroundings and become familiar with different things. Cognitive development plays enormous roles in a child’s growth into adulthood. In the story, Crews mentions that his first memory was around ten years before he was born, and the memory takes place where he has never been and involves his daddy who he never knew. One of the most important stages of cognitive development is sensorimotor stage. During the sensorimotor stage, children are only aware of the things they see, do, and the physical interactions with their immediate surroundings. Also, according the “The Role of the Father in Child Development”, it suggests the father-child separation period starts at the early age of nine months. Although the narrator was only 18 months old when his father died; he was still unable to make that immediate connection that a child needs from his father. Crews started a quest to find his father’s love; however, he never got a chance to complete. According to “The Role of the Father in Child Development”, the presence of a male model other than a father (e.g. an older brother) may inhibit the negative effects of a father’s absence Biller (1968, 1971a) argues that the father is a superior role model. All fathers are held to a superior role in every child’s life. Fathers are often the superhero that a little boy would like to be. The author always yearned for that superior male figure in his life. Crews’ father lived a life which consisted of drinking, fighting, working long hours, and influencing others to live the same lifestyle. The writer began to question the choices that his father made after he was convicted of his transgressions. Because of the actions of his father, Crews questioned what an ideal father should be and how it impacted his life in a negative
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