The Stages Of Career Development

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After reading these modules and understanding the stages of career development, I was able to identify multiple activities relevant to the four stages in order to assist students transition from school life to their post-school life. These four stages of career development, facilitate the student’s not only to distinguish what they enjoy doing, but satisfy their future as well. As a school counselor, I will design workshops to aid students explore their interest for their future life as a member of our society. According to Jennifer Curry author of the book “Career counseling in P-12 schools” stated that “students do better when they have an understanding of what is expected from them”. “The four stages of the career development are: career awareness, career exploration, preparation for the future career, and career placement” ( The first stage of career development is career awareness. Throughout this stage the student is introduced to an extensive variety of career options. Therefore, one activity that I would implement as a school counselor would be a “Teach-In day”. This day would be extremely significant for students in the elementary school, since career development awareness starts in elementary school. As a school counselor, I would contact professionals with different occupations to talk or teach students like Sandra, a student with learning disabilities, ( about their experiences in their profession as well as their college life. This stage involves students in three skill areas: The first skill area would be core academic skills. Thus, For students in middle school and high school level, like Sandra, an ESE student with learning disabilities, this stage is ... ... middle of paper ... ... During a transition through an IEP the student’s needs are defined, it will focus on individual strengths, capacities and acknowledgement of the student’s own disabilities ( Finally, the last stage of the career development will be career placement. Throughout this stage the students will learn how to make a transition from high school where students will work with teachers, parents, and guidance counselors to successfully enter the workplace. Dr. Curry author of the book “Career counseling in P-12 schools” stated that school counselors must possess knowledge to help students navigate the different career areas. Consequently,as a school counselor, I will bring a professionals of different careers as mentors and give the students the opportunity to participate as a volunteer to understand if the career pertains to their area of interest.
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