The St John River Entering the Atlantic Ocean

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“The St. Johns River Entering the Atlantic Ocean” painted by Hermann Herzog stands in American Art as the most ascetically illustrative picture inspired in the Florida coastline. Although, this German American artist settled in Pennsylvania, he painted primarily landscapes inspired in the areas he visited. He traveled and painted throughout Florida, Maine, California and the Northeast side of the country coast.

Hermann Ottomar Herzog was a prominent artist born in Bremen, Germany in 1832.He was primarly known for his magnificents landscapes. While living in Germany he entered the Düsseldorf Academy at the age of seventeen. Herzog, painted in several countries of the European Continent, until he came to America in 1869. His early commercial success in Europe granted him clients among the nobility in Europe, among his most famous clientele were Queen Victoria and Grand Duke Alexander of Russia. In 1860, Herzog settled permannently near Philadelphia, he painted across the western states, arriving in California in 1873. From this trip he painted one his masterpieces a series of oil canvas inspired in Yosemite Valley. It was “Sentinel Rock” this collection that got him an award at the in 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition. He is considered by many as part of the Hudson River School, although his art is more realistic and less dramatic than the artwork from his peers Frederick Edwin Church or Albert Bierstadt.

Herzog, created more than 1,000 paintings, within the most recognized ones are, "Women in a Tropical Setting", "Landscape with a Bear and her Cub", “Sentinel Rock”, “Brandywine River Museum”and “The St .Johns River Entering the Atlantic Ocean”.

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...cene with the tropical ocean atmosphere.

To inspire the visualization of the idyllic Florida’s fields, this canvas is sized to produce that impression of your presence in the coast. With a sense of solitude that is accompany by the magic of the discovery of a beautiful romantic peace, this canvas transmits you the desire to be there. The scene makes you feel that you have found that special site where you want to be for the rest of your life in concordance with nature. It is easy to spot in this paint how diverse and unreceptive subtropical locality in early Florida define the subjective state of being. In this art he totally complies with one of the most delightful characterizations of Romanticism, he puts together the heart and the mind to idealize the authenticity of the wilderness in the scene according to what the artist considered relevant to present.

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