The Spreading Islam

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The Spreading Islam

My essay will concentrate on that when the Prophet Muhammad (saw)

spreading Islam, that time when he was being tortured he still did

continue to spread Islam. This essay will focus on how Prophet

Muhammad (saw) did not give up under a very painful struggle e.c.t.



Prophet Muhammad (saw) was born around the year of 570 and was

orphaned at an early age. His uncle, who had religious place within

the main Quraysh tribe of Mecca, raised him. At the age of 25, Prophet

Muhammad (saw) married Bibi Khadija (as) who was 40 years old at that

time. At the age of 40, within the distance of the hills outside

Mecca, Prophet Muhammad (saw) had his first experience of Islam. The

Angel Jibraeel (as) appeared to Prophet Muhammad (saw) and informed

him that he was Allah’s (swt) first chosen messenger. Angel Jibraeel

(as) also communicated to Prophet Muhammad (saw) about the first

revelation from Allah’s (swt). When Prophet Muhammad (saw) went home

and briefed to Bibi Khadija (as) he was been told that he was the

first messenger of Allah’s (swt) through the Angel Jibraeel (as) and

Bibi Khadija (as) did believe in what the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said.

Bibi Khadija (as) is the first person to believe in Prophet Muhammad

(saw) when he had had said that he was the first chosen messenger of

Allah (swt). After the revelations of the Quran Prophet Muhammad (saw)

started preaching the Islam, first he started preaching Islam to his

relatives and friends, then to the general public.

The Meccans first ignored Prophet Muhammad (saw), and then they

disrespected him. As many more people accepted Prophet Muhammad’s

(saw) call that many more the Meccans became more violent. After the

Meccans tried to turn Prophet Muhammad (saw) away from the religion of

Islam and when they could not do it, then they started to persecute

Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) followers. When this did not work either,

then the opposing Meccans decided to persecute Prophet Muhammad (saw)

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