The Spread of Christianity

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Christianity is the most popular religion in the world today. Have you ever wondered how Christianity came to be the worlds largest religion? Thirty-one and a half percent of the world’s population consider themselves Christian. Christianity was started by a man named Jesus Christ, the son of god, and his disciples. Jesus lived in Judea, and was crucified around A.D. 30. It is believed that Jesus rose from the dead a few days after the crucification. There are 4 major branches of Christianity, Roman Catholic,Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and protestant. Christians believe in only one God, and follow The Holy Bible. Christianity certainly did not become the worlds largest religion overnight, in fact there were many factors which helped the spread of Christianity. The spread of Christianity was helped by conversion by force, the Roman Empire, and early missionaries.. The spread of Christianity was helped by conversion by force. In 1478, Isabella and Ferdinand got the approval they needed to expel Jews, Protestants, and non-believers from Spain. At first, the Jews were the main targets, and around 40,000 Jews were kicked out of Spain. If the Jews wanted to stay in Spain, they were forced to convert to Catholicism, these Jews became known as converso. Those who refused to leave Spain, and refused to convert, were tortured or killed. This became known as the Spanish Inquisition. During the Spanish Inquisition, 341,021 people were put on trial. The sentencing varied, and there were several outcomes. First, the person could be acquitted, meaning they would be let free and nothing would happen. Next, they got be let go, like those who were acquitted, but still under suspicion, this was called suspension. Those who were sentenced as penanc... ... middle of paper ... .... The Roman Empire affected the spread of Christianity by having safe traveling roads, traders, and the conversion of Constantine. Lastly, Christianity was spread through early missionaries by the building of many new churches, writing letters about the beliefs of Christianity, and the spread of faith by converting others. Although conversion by force, the Roman Empire, and early missionaries weren’t the only reasons Christianity has become as large as it is, they all 3 had a huge impact on the spread of Christianity. Christianity continues to spread today, because of the technology and resources available now. If the technology available today had been available when Christianity first started, the spread of this religion would have been even more rapid. To conclude, the world’s most popular religion, Christianity, became as popular as it is today, for many reasons.
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