The Spread Of English Spread

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Introduction English is a language that has spread rapidly throughout the world over centuries. This essay will aim to look at the way English has spread while focusing on specific areas in the world where English is now a language. There will be four points that are to be discussed in detail within the essay. The first point focuses on the extent to which language variation contributes to marking language users’ identities. This includes looking closely at variations of English around the world. The second point focuses on whether or not varieties of English are accepted by their users after being described by linguists. This section will look closely at the views of users of English in other areas and whether they recognise English as a variety. The third section explores the opposing views facing whether there is one English within the world, or many English’s within the world. It will look at both sides of the argument and also case studies of examples fitting both sides of the debate. The section will focus closely on whether there is one English and many varieties, or simply just many different English’s. The final section discusses whether language is made predominantly by its users, or made by codification; again looking at both arguments and including relatable examples. Overall, the essay will evaluate the way that English has affected areas of the world and whether or not it is accepted and recognised by others. English has become a second language within many countries, which shows how influential it is. The four points specifically relate to the different ways that English can be seen and allows the essay to find out more about the different views held regarding English around the world. Examples and case studies will... ... middle of paper ... ...r discussing and researching all of these points, it has become evident that different countries, communities and linguists have varied views upon each one. However, there does appear to be either one of two views that are followed, showing that many countries, communities or linguists do actually agree with each other. This is shown for all points, for example, with point four the view is held that language is either made by its users or made by codification. Overall, the essay shows that there has been a wide spread of English within the world and this looks like something that will continue to happen as time goes on. The spread of English has been occurring for centuries and despite it not being something that everybody wants to happen, English is a dominant language within the world and it seems as though it will continue to be dominant for a long time to come.
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