The Spiritual Life And Life Of Elvira Vasquez's Life

Born the 12th of March 1958, Elvira Vasquez was the second to the youngest of nine children. Her parents were hard working Hispanic migrant workers who did everything in their power to provide for their large family. With such a large family one can say that a child could get lost in the mix, but not Elvira. Elvira or Billie, as her family and friends call her, was a quiet but a strong willed child. Her strong will later developed into perseverance in her spiritual life, parenting and health. Spiritually, Billie was always curious and eager to talk about God to anyone and everyone that would listen and occasionally those that wouldn’t. There was one person in particular that she took special interest in. Her father was what she called her…show more content…
She woke up with a severe pain in her side and began to have difficulty walking. Any kind of ailment was unusual for her as she had always been a healthy person. This particular Friday morning took her and everyone around her by surprise. Her daughter immediately took her to the hospital where they immediately began to run tests. Several hours later the grimed faced doctors said, Mrs. Flores you have cancer all over your body and it would be best to call all your family together. Forty-seven year old Billie, the pillar of her family, was going to die. Within hours Billie and her eldest daughter were on a private medical plane being flown to Houston to receive emergency treatment. Billie had no other words to say other than “God you are in control of my life”. After several hours of flight, mother and daughter landed in Houston where an overwhelming sense of peace embraced on them. Surgery was scheduled for Monday but after the x-rays came back doctors immediately took her into surgery. There they found several tumors, one that caused significant damage. This particular tumor had eaten part of her vertebrae and compressed her spinal cord, leaving her paralyzed. After surgery Billie began to ask God if it was her time to leave. His response to her was, her work was not done. That is all Billie needed to hear, it was time to fight. Billie and her daughter prayed day in and day out. Two

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