The Spectrum of Urban Planning

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The Spectrum of Urban Planning

Urban Planning is the process of planning the development of land and other resources to improve a community in ways that benefit the lives of people within these communities. Urban Planning is a complex area of study because of the many different factors involved and the people it has an effect on. Planning can be controversial, political, and cause anger towards officials if it is not executed correctly. Urban planners must weigh their decisions and base them on the good of the environment and the people.

To understand Urban Planning, one must first look into the history of planning in America. Planning has the characteristic of being centered within the conditions of the environment and the needs of society in the time periods in which it takes place. During the early history of Urban Planning, planning occurred around the gathering of people into groups. Planning history goes back to the beginning of time and labeling planning was a slow but steady process over many centuries.

Planning can be seen in the times of the pharaohs and the pyramids. Planning during ancient times served practical purposed in many cases. One of these practical reasons is access and visibility as described by Michael E. Smith, author of , Form and Meaning in the Earliest Cities: A New Approach to Ancient Urban Planning,. In the article michael explains, “ One variant of coordination among buildings and spaces in ancient cities is the creation of areas of limited access. On the largest scale are city walls. Some walls served a defensive purpose, some were primarily symbolic in nature, and many probably served both purposes” (Smith, 2007). The planning of walls built around ancient cities show that planning came...

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