The Speckled Band Film Analysis

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The film adaptations of literary works can sometimes be a nightmare. However, they can also turn out better than the original work in some rare instances. In the case of The Speckled Band by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the movie was a better format for telling the murder mystery because of the movie’s ability to show rather than tell the audience what is happening, the clearer explanation of the plot, and the more in-depth development of the characters.
In the movie adaptation of Doyle’s story, the audience is not limited to only reading or listening to dialogue to progress the story’s plot as it is in the book. In the written version of the story, Helen Stoner’s testimony is what sets up the scene and describes the events that led to her seeking
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Watson than there is in the short story. In the case of Helen Stoner, the movie allows you to see aspects of her character that you do not see in the written story such as her relationship with her sister and stepfather. While it does say in the book that the sisters were “chatting about her approaching wedding,” more development is present in the movie because it shows the sisters together reminding the audience that they were close companions and that the loss of Julia was devastating to Helen. Another example of this character development is with Dr. Watson. In the movie adaptation, a short clip was added while Holmes and Watson investigated the house in which Julia had died. In the clip, Dr. Watson is shown examining foot prints on the lawn and explains to Holmes that he is trying to be as observant as he is. Though this clip may not seem like an important part of the story, it adds to Watson’s character by showing him as a student of Sherlock Holmes. While the movie does make the characters more dynamic, it also removed some of the suspense that the written version created.
The Speckled Band by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was entertaining as a written story, but it was even more enjoyable as a film because the movie played out scenes that were only described by dialogue in the book, flushed out the murder plot in a clearer manner, and created more realistic and dynamic characters. Turning older literature into movies that available to the general public prevents them from falling by the way side as many story from the past have a tendency to
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