The Spark

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The Spark

Unfair taxes, extraneous patrols, and Britain’s monopoly on trade. These all incited the rebellion against Britain, but one thing before all of these also egged on the rebellion- the French and Indian War. The French and Indian War helped fuel the Revolution because the taxes that it caused, the limitations that were forced upon them with the treaty, and the way the colonists were treated by the British after the war.
The French and Indian War left Britain in a huge war debt because of supply costs and the length of it (seven years, which is why it is also known as the Seven Years War). The British needed to pay it off no they laid heavy taxes onto the colonists. The colonists might have been okay with them if Britain asked them and let them have a say, but they did not so the colonist motto soon became “No taxation without representation.” It is the cause and effects of these first taxes that will start many conflicts and battles.
When Proclamation of 1763 (the treaty of the French and Indian War) was signed Britain closed off the trans-Appalachian region, enclosing the colonists within the thirteen colonies. The British did this so the colonists would not start expanding territory, which would mean more soldiers to pay to protect them. The colonists did not like this one bit. If they were able to go out west, it would mean more land, more opportunity, and more land means more money so even the poor would have a shot at making money.
The colonists expected to be treated as full-fledged British citizens, but of course, the British just treated them as inferiors. To the British, America was the worst place you could go, full of convicts and criminals.
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