The Spanish Inquisition

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Cecil Roth was a Jewish historian and teacher he earned his Ph.D from oxford in 1924. He would do Jewish studies at Oxford from 1939-1964. Cecil Roth has written many other books such as “The Dead Sea Scrolls (1965) and Jewish Art (1961)”. After he finished at oxford he became the editor of Encyclopedia Judaica in 1965 and did so until his death in Jerusalem 1970. ( (

The Spanish inquisition takes place from the 1600’s to the late 19th century it was to covert, kill or band all Jews, protestants and who the Inquisitionist judged as a heretic. So that Spain could be purified.

The Inquisitions originally started in France and Italy when the Catholic Church tried to seek out all heretics. Inquisitionist would judge whoever they thought was a suspected Heretics. Heretics were people who opposed the Catholic Church these people were captured and tortured sometimes burned alive.
The Inquisition was originally put into effect to rid the Albigensies out of Italy or convert them to the Christian ways by way of torture. After they successfully did this it was to ban the new Converts from the country. The reason for this was the Albigensies had developed their own religion called Manichaeanism where they had two gods one evil and one good. The pope wanted to rid the holy roman empire of these Albigensies, which started the Inquisition something that would be practiced for many years to come.
One of the Inquisitions was The Spanish Inquisition it lasted longer than the church thought it would and it was also the most cruelest and goriest. The people who were judged as heretics by the inquisitors were banned but sometimes they were maliciously tortured and persecuted. The Spanish Inquisition was one was the most cruel events that ever happened to innocent people in the name of religion. The Spanish inquisition at first targeted mainly Jews but later started to go after Protestants and all that opposed the church.
The Inquisitionist would torture Jews in admitting to crimes they did not commit which made it easier to persuade the king and queen to ban Jews from Spain. After the inquisition took effect in Spain they needed a way to look over how it was ran. An office called the Suprema was built in Madrid and became part of Spain’s government. When it was established the death toll of heretics, Jews and Marranos rose.

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