The Spanish And Italian Literatures Of The 19th Century

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My research explores political essay in the Spanish and Italian literatures of the second half of the nineteenth century. In particular, I analyze the perception of a “national/supranational conscience” to prove how European liberal thinkers in nineteenth century attempt to build and establish a supranational entity. As “supranational” I intend a shift in international politics - constituted by the agreement among sovereign states - to create common structures of power and identity (Neyer 2012).
The main corpus of my research explores in detail the political and sociological relevance of the authors’ theoretical elaborations. I study Spanish authors such as the Krausist politician Joaquín Costa and the ambassadors Juan Donoso Cortés and Angel Ganivet. As per the Italian authors, I examine the works of parliament members Camillo Benso Cavour, Napoleone Colajanni and Benedetto Croce. All the mentioned authors were highly influential for the contemporary public opinion: for this reason, linking their theoretical discourses with historical events will be the key to understand the dynamics of the creation of a European Identity. My aim is to grasp the theoretical representation of the foundation of a proto European confederation elaborated by those writers and intellectuals. This study will help shed light on whether the hypothesis of a European unity was a premature dream (Bracalini, 1995) propelled by the breakthrough of technology and racial supremacy theories (Salmi 2008), or a practical means to benefit the political and economical situation, improving the trade flows and the circulation of people.
I use Italy and Spain as the core of my investigation, since they both belong to the geographical south of Europe: a region that was...

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...chapter will follow the methodology of the former chapter, focusing on the Italian texts; in the fourth chapter I will engage a comparison between the literary works in the two countries, trying to determine and point out whether the 19th century intellectuals were successful in influencing their political and cultural environment. In the year 2019 I am planning to defend my dissertation.
I am currently in my second year of the Phd program and I am working on my dissertation under the supervision of Professor María Soledad Fernández Utrera.

At the end of my Doctorate, the literary works I will deal with will provide me with a broad view of the political, social and cultural conditions of the continent. This work will provide me with the opportunity to extend my future research to other related matters, such as the relation between Europe and its former colonies.
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