The Spanish American War

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The Spanish American war was one of the shortest wars in American history, lasting only 15 weeks, yet it was also a very important war because it won us highly pivotal concessions such as the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and independence for Cuba. But what was the cause of the war? Military strategic interests or maybe public opinion? There are many things that led up to the Spanish American war, but was there one major breaking point?

One possible cause for the Spanish American war was public opinion and sympathy for the Cuban people. This was a semi-important cause, and was one of the reasons for the war. In the Americans, it says that the American people felt not only sympathy, but empathy for the Cuban people, as they were being oppressed by a Mother Country, Spain, just as American had been by England a hundred years before. This led the majority of the American public to request intervention in Cuba which is what got the American Army and Navy in Cuba in the first place, which is a very key role in how the Spanish American war started, but not the main reason.

Another possible cause is Business interests. I do not believe that this was possibly the least important cause of the Spanish American war. It was not mentioned very often in The American Pageant or The Americans. Also, the limited information on business interests in Cuba said that there were several sugar mills and farms owned by Americans, but they were not in danger of the Spanish, and this only slightly limited their production. A war with Spain would possibly even be worst for business then it was at the time of the second Cuban Revolution. None the less, it was a contributing factor to the war, added more fuel to the fire.

Military strategic interests also...

... middle of paper ... eventually won it’s independence and the canal was built, with the consent of the new Panamanian government, which was highly influence by the United States. Basically, America was getting in everyone else’s business, which is a key characteristic of an imperialist county, and why the building of the Panama canal is an imperialistic venture.

In my opinion, the Spanish American war changed the United States. The seeds of imperialism were already in America, but afterwords’s they were in full fruit, and still are. The Spanish American war could be considered a great awakening, but not of spirituality, of imperialism. There were many things that led up to the Spanish Amerian war and that helped it along like Yellow Journalism and the Maine disaster, but there was only one outcome, and that was a new imperialistic power that would never let itself be second best.

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